30 Days of Music Theory – final update

There is much more to music theory than I was aware of 30 days ago. There were a few days when I didn’t study music theory. I could blame this on the holidays but in retrospect, I should have had a better study plan in place before starting. A minimum amount of time to study each day would have helped me stay on track. Also, looking at random websites was probably not the best method as the information was not as detailed as I was looking for. I finished reading Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory which I consider an accomplishment given that I’ve had the book for over a year.
I discovered that American and British English sometimes use different terminology for the same concept. For example, in American English, scales are made of of specific patterns or whole and half step. In British English, these are whole tones and semitones.  I also found a Society for Music Theory which did not seem to offer resources for those new to music theory.
Even though the 30 days is now up, I will continue to learn music theory as it will be beneficial to my development as an organist.
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