This page lists resources that I recommend for listening to pipe organ music and organ shoes. I will also list a couple of books that I have read which I found to be enjoyable and informative. If you are looking to find a live pipe organ concert, please read this post: 7 ways to find a pipe organ concert in your area.

Where to listen for free:

Pipedreams – This 2 hour program is broadcast on many radio stations every week. Episodes can also be listened to on their website and are posted a few days after they air. I usually listen to episodes while I am working. The programs feature a wide range of organ music. There will be hymns and classical pieces. If you do not like one episode please listen to at least one more. There is a huge variety of organ music.

Organlive – Organlive streams organ music 24 hours a day. If you create an account you can submit a request to hear any music that is in their inventory. They also offer an app for mobile phones and tablets for $1.99.

Spotify is a website offer free listening of music (there will be ads). Once you create an account, you can search for pipe organ or specific pieces you’d like to hear. You can also make playlists. I like to add pieces that I am learning to a playlist.

Where to watch organists play online:

YouTube has thousands of videos of organists playing organs. Search for your favorite hymn and “pipe organ” and there will likely be a video for it.  Also, be sure to check out the Organist Heidi YouTube channel!

Dr. Carol Williams plays the Spreckels organ in San Diego, CA at 2:00 PM PST most Sundays. The concert is streamed live on UStream for free. This pipe organ is outdoors at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion.

TV Program:

Diane Bish’s The Joy of Music program is in it’s 25th year! I like to watch episodes on the Church Channel. Check the website The Joy of Music for stations and schedule. Diane travels to and plays organist all over the world.

Organ Shoes:

I wear and recommend OrganMaster shoes. I’ve had the same pair since I started lessons! If you are not an organist, I’ve written up a post about organ shoes if you’d like to learn more about them.

Where to purchase music:

iTunes is great place to purchase digital music if you own Apple products (iPhone, iPod, Mac, iPad).

Amazon sells many pipe organ CDs and MP3 downloads.


I have read two books that you may enjoy:

  • All The Stops: The Glorious Pipe Organ And Its American Masters by Craig Whitney. This book is about American pipe organs, organists, and pipe organ builders.
  • Understanding The Pipe Organ: A Guide for Students, Teachers and Lovers of the Instrument by John R. Shannon. John explains how pipe organs work. It is a technical book and not what I would call a “fast” read. I learned how the different types of actions pipe organs such as tracker and electro-pneumatic work. This book does not cover electronic organs.

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