A corrected mistake is evidence of progress!
November 24, 2012

A corrected mistake is evidence of progress!

As described in my last post, my November lesson was a bit tough. However, I did show some improvement. While playing “Like a River Glorious”, I played a wrong note in the pedal line. I immediately corrected and Michael noticed. This was a big deal. In the past, when playing a wrong note (especially at a lesson), I would freeze, or stop playing, or continue playing with each subsequent note being wrong. Organists will make mistakes. It is likely no one will remember a wrong note (unless it is the first or the last!). This mistake and the correction the followed was a sign of progress!

We all make mistakes. How we handle them can often be more important than the actual mistake. When I play a wrong note [make a mistake] the best option is to quickly correct it and move on. Dwelling on it (freezing until corrected), stopping (giving up completely), and continuing but not fixing it (one mistake leads to another) emphasize the mistake instead of the solution.

What are the best ways you have find to handle mistakes?

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Reflections on 5 years of organ lessons (Sept 2009 - Sept 2014) - September 14, 2014 Reply

[…] ♩  I have perfectionism issues! I’ve caused myself some slow progress by having self inflicted tempo issues because of slowing down for harder section and freezing when I play a wrong note. I’d like to think that I’m getting better at learning form my mistakes. […]

Mark Allman - November 26, 2012 Reply

Absolutely handle it right away. Make amends if need be or corrections and move on.

Anonymous - November 26, 2012 Reply

Well, Heidi, you are maturing nicely.
I know a few people you could give a nice pep talk to. Life lessons are hard sometimes but can be a real learning experience. Keep up the good work.


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