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March 30, 2014

Daniel Roth Concert – Ypsilanti, MI March 2014

Last Sunday afternoon I attended another organ concert presented by the Ypsilanti Pipe Organ Festival.

Maritn Ott Opus 100, Jardine & Sons 1899 Pipe Organ Console

Martin Ott Opus 100, Jardine & Sons 1899 Pipe Organ Console

The concert was at the First Presbyterian Church and featured French organist Daniel Roth. He is the titular (head) organist at St. Sulpice in Paris, France. The concert was free and the church was full!

I have watched many Daniel Roth videos on YouTube. Hearing him play live was awesome. He is an exceptional organist. The program contained music of J.S. Bach, Mendelssohn, Widor, Durufle, and ended with a piece composed by Daniel Roth. Daniel addressed the audience in between pieces.

During intermission I met Ann who was seated next to me. She is also an organist and she gave me encouragement to keep practicing after hearing my background!

Improvisation on a submitted theme

The concert ended with an improvisation. Upon arrival, along with the program each person was given a slip of paper where they could write in a hymn to be used for the improvisations or write in their own tune (there were many organists in the audience). If submitting a hymn it needed to be from the hymnal in the pew.

This was my favorite part of the concert. Daniel used the tune from 2 hymns in the improvisation. This is the first time I have seen 2 themes used. My expectations were high as Daniel won a competition for improvisation in 1971. I didn’t catch the name of the hymn tunes that were used but I have heard them before. The improvisation was absolutely amazing. The hymn tunes could be heard in many variations. There is a technique to improvisation. I do not know what it is to be able to explain.

The video play is of Daniel playing the Allegro movement of Widor’s sixth symphony. (I was not able to find a video of any of him playing any pieces from the concert).


June 16, 2013

Welcome to the new site

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my new site. I am excited to be using the Word Press platform. I still have a lot to learn as I have spent many hours on the technical details aiming to make everything look perfect. I am not sure who gets credit for “Done is better than Perfect” but I finally realized, that I can release, start posting again, and continue to make tweaks. For example, eventually I will figure out how to customize the look of the email subscription section on the right side of page.

On this site the About page is now a more typical about page instead of the long story of how I became on organist. I plan to include more pictures of my cats going forward so I included a picture of each one of them at my organ. Please check it out!

If you see any problems please leave a comment, contact me at heidi@organistheidi.com or on Twitter. Adding a proper contact page is on my to-do list!

Thanks for your continued support.