Announcing a couple of updates
September 29, 2013

Announcing a couple of updates

I’ve made two updates to the site. First, I have added a new page, Saville Organ. This pages provides some information on my Saville organ including the stop list and a few photos.

Also, I have updated the About page to include a section on Michael Gartz, who is my organ teacher.

Thanks for reading!


Saville Organ

Saville Organ

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Mark Allman - September 30, 2013 Reply

Like your mom said thanks for the update. It is nice to know about your organ and your teacher. I assume the pictures were of your organ not stock pictures?

    Heidi Bender - September 30, 2013 Reply

    Hi Mark,

    The photos are of the my actual organ. the organ resides behind the couch in the living room. Thanks for looking at them! I haven’t come across any stock photos for a Saville organ yet.


Mom - September 30, 2013 Reply

Thanks for the updates. You alway provide good information. The cats seem to approve of what you are doing.
I know they like your music and they even want to help out sometimes by adding to the music.

    Heidi Bender - September 30, 2013 Reply

    Thanks Mom. The cats will be making more appearances!

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