Friday’s Lenten recital

The parking garage near the First Congregational Church was full. This week, instead of going to other parking garage I decided to be patient and wait for an open spot. After seeing several people leave and the garage status remaining at “full” I was getting anxious that I would be late again this week. I would have backed out but another car was behind me, so I had little choice but to just wait. Within a few minutes the garage allowed entry, I received a ticket, and found a great parking spot on level 2.

This week’s organists were Steven Flick (recently retired) and Gail Jennings. Steven started the program with 3 pieces. Then mid way through 3 men sang and the program concluded with Gail playing 4 pieces. Gail’s final piece was Spirituals for Organ in Jazz Styles by Joe Utterback (b. 1944). I typically do not enjoy jazz music and had not associated jazz with the organ but I did enjoy these pieces (she played 3) and was very impressed with Gail. She is currently organist at Bethlehem United Church of Christ in Ann Arbor, has a piano studio, performs recitals with her husband (violinist Andrew Jennings), and is a member of the Ceciliana Chamber Players.

The weather on Friday was beautiful and I enjoyed the 2 block walk to the church. The recital was not as well attended as in previous weeks, perhaps, due to the exceptionally warm weather. The door of the church remained open during the recital which was a bit distracting during the performances as the traffic on State St. could be heard.

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