Music from Sainte-Clotilde, Ypsilanti Pipe Organ Festival

On February 17th, 2013 I attended an organ concert presented by the Ypsilanti Pipe Organ Festival at thFirst Presbyterian Church in Ypsilanti, MI. Five of the six organists are students of James Kibbie at the University of Michigan. All pieces played were composed by former organists at Sainte Clotilde in Paris, France from 1863 to 1987:
  • César Franck, 1863-1890
  • Gabriel Pierne, 1890-1898
  • Charles Tournemire, 1898-1939
  • Joseph Ermend Bonnal, 1942-1944
  • Jean Langlais, 1945-1987
A complete listing of past and current organists at Sainte-Clotilde can be found here.

This concert was excellent. The organists may be students, but don’t let “student” fool you into assuming that are not first class organists. Most of the students already hold organists positions at area churches and are accomplished organists. 
Organ at First Presbyterian Church in Ypsilanti, MI
Like the Christmas Concert at First United Methodist Church, this concert showed two views of the organist and console on a screen. Two alternating views were displayed – hands on the key boards and feet on the pedals. 

Each organist shared a little about the piece they were about to play or about the composer. The information varied from fun fact to stories. Organist and composer Jean Langlais was blind!

The next Ypsilanti Pipe Organ Festival concert will be held on March 17, 2013 at 4:00 PM at the First Presbyterian Church in Ypsilanti, MI. Program details can be found on their website:

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