Tracking with a NeuYear calendar

In early January, I announced my intention to schedule practice time. I haven’t done any advance scheduling yet but I started tracking my practice sessions with a NeuYear calendar. After I practice, I record the time of day and length in that day’s box. The calender is poster size and displays every day of the year. Encouragement is also included at the top: “2013 SEIZE THE YEAR”.
NeuYear Calendar
My goal is to practice everyday for at least 15 minutes. I have practiced the last 17 days! Previously, I did not practice when I felt too busy or tired or distracted. These 15 minutes segments will add about a hour onto my weekly total. And sometimes the 15 minutes turns into 30 minutes…

What could you improve by tracking your efforts?
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4 thoughts on “Tracking with a NeuYear calendar”

  1. Tracking does improve your discipline I think. Keep up the great work. I am tracking drinking a cup of green tea a day in February. I am trying to develop a taste for it since it is supposed to be so good for you. The more you track the more you accomplish.

  2. The first thing came to mind was how much time I spend in Bible study. More than reading a daily devotional and verses that go with it. Seems I track several things but have never tracked Bible study. Where is that big calender hanging?

    • Hi Mom!

      Tracking Bible studying time would be convicting if I did it as I would see just how little time I am spending in the Word. Maybe I should start a new goal.

      The calendar is hanging on the back of the door in the blue room (also known as the office, the computer room, or the second bedroom with no bed).



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