Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

It’s been over two weeks since we have spent time together.You are probably thinking this means I’ve spent more time at the organ bench practicing. In reality, I’ve been busy having good intentions and  and reading and making excuses. I planned to make plans for us but didn’t follow through with the plan.

Blog, you read the couple of paragraphs I shared about my trip to Nashville. I was inspired by my trip and the church I visited. I bet you expected the my excuses to stop!  I received blogging advice that I have yet to implement. I joined Twitter and now follow writers and organists and inspiring folks. Now, I see ongoing advice/inspiration/motivation daily on my Twitter feed. But the excuses to avoid writing continue.

I am BUSY! I work full time and need to actually practice the organ too. I love to read!  I have games on my smart phone to play! Do you understand!?

I’ve been reading books and blogs and tweets that while help us along in our journey together. I am learning more about myself, writing, and the blog platform. And I am consistently reading that the best way to become a better write it to write! There are no shortcuts.

Thank you, Blog, for waiting patiently for me to return. Together we will succeed (although eventually I will be ditching you for a self-hosted site).


P.S. Do you have good intentions? What plans do you want to follow through on?

October 2012 Lesson
Michael Gartz Organ Recital 10-28-2012
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Heidi Bender writes about her experiences of learning to play the organ. She started on the adventure in 2009.

She also writes on her website Tons of Thanks, which helps people write thank-you notes. Heidi is also a cat lady who writes at The Joy of Cats.

4 thoughts on “Dear Blog”

  1. Hi Heidi,

    Sounds like you enjoy so many things.
    You are doing a great job with the organ,work and all the fun things. You will run out of something to do like some who are bored and have nothing to do. Don’t think I will ever run out of “something” to do either and I don’t even have a job!!


    • Hi Mom,

      I remember the things Dad has said about being bored. He will find something for us to do if we are bored. And maybe we were not allowed to be bored either.

      You have plenty of jobs and do lots for our family, you just don’t get paid for it with money!


  2. Dear Heidi,

    I have unlimited patience, and will always be here to connect you with support as you chase your dreams. And you’re not “ditching” me for a self-hosted will be upgrading me as I grow into big-girl pants!

    Your Blog


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