Lift High the Cross (Hymn)

Have you ever heard a song and unexpectedly felt great delight?

This happened to me this week when listening to the Pipedreams program: Prayers and Alleluias which aired on April 2, 2012.  With Easter being tomorrow, the pieces in this program are those usually preformed around Easter. The hymn Lift High the Cross caught my attention. Astoundingly, I was not familiar with this tune before hearing it this week. (perhaps, I have heard it previously in at church and do not recall).

This recording is spectacular and majestic. A choir sings the hymn. The organ elegantly accompanies conveying the emotion of the hymn. The combination of voice and organ is marvelous. The message in the lyrics is powerful.

To hear this recording of Lift High the Cross go to Pipedreams and then click on the link to listen to Hour 2. Lift High the Cross is the first piece played in hour 2 which is followed by a trumpet ensemble playing variations of this hymn.  The lyrics and information about the tune can be read from the Psalter Hymnal.

Of course, there are videos of  Lift High the Cross on YouTube. I did not find any as grand as the recording on Pipedreams. I listened to several YouTube videos and they did not touch me in the same way. I highly recommend checking out the Pipedreams recording.

The tune name is CRUCIFER. Jesus was crucified for us. I will end with the verse under the title of Lift High the Cross my hymnal John 12:32 “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Myself.” (American Standard Version).

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