My cats and the organ

July has been a very busy month. I still have my goals in mind to update the blog weekly and practice the organ at least 10 hours week. I plan to get back on track soon for I need more practice to become a successful organist and writer!

Since I have not done all that much with the organ in July, today I will introduce my 3 cats: Lina, Kilala, and Buster. All three cats occasionally visit me while I am practicing the organ. Sometimes Lina will insist that I hold her while I practice! Other times I find them sitting on the organ or the speakers.

 Lina and Kilala are sisters from the same litter and were born in February 2003. Buster is our rescue cat who we took in January or February 2011 . He is a younger cat and probably about 2 or 3 years of age.

Please enjoy the pictures below!

Kilala on organ watching as I practice.

Kilala next to me on organ bench

Buster stepping on pedals to get into the window.

Lina looking out the window.


Kilala and Buster

Buster and Kilala

Buster on speaker
Lina on organ speaker. A few days after this was taken she knocked yellow picture frame in this photo off the speaker which broke the frame and the glass!

Pre-Candidate Recital at U of M
Summer Recital Series - August 6, 2012
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She also writes on her website Tons of Thanks, which helps people write thank-you notes. Heidi is also a cat lady who writes at The Joy of Cats.

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