My Faith Has Found a Resting Place with my cat (video)

Cat Kilala on organ bench
My cat, Kilala, sitting on the organ bench.

My cats like to watch me practice the organ. We have 3 cats, but Kilala is that cat that spends the most time with me on the organ bench. Back in September of 2013, I made a video while practicing “My Faith Has Found a Resting Place”.

Before I started making videos, I did not realize how often she looked up at me while I was playing. This video is not in the best focus. The goal of the video was to be able to play it back and hear how I sounded. Kilala looks very cute even when blurry. Please be sure to watch until the end to see what she does!


If you watch the first video that I posted to YouTube, you will notice a huge difference in the sound of this electronic Saville organ compared to the pipe organ at Trinity Episcopal church. The old electronic organ sound does not match that of a pipe organ.

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Are those for the cats?
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Heidi Bender writes about her experiences of learning to play the organ. She started on the adventure in 2009.

She also writes on her website Tons of Thanks, which helps people write thank-you notes. Heidi is also a cat lady who writes at The Joy of Cats.

5 thoughts on “My Faith Has Found a Resting Place with my cat (video)”

  1. That is the cutest darned video…it had me laughing out loud in the end. I can’t believe how she sits there watching you, just staring into your face. It really warmed my heart cuz I am such an animal lover, however, as you know, I don’t like cats because I fear them. I wonder what was going on in her mind as she watched you…well, I guess the end of the video says it all, “I wanna play this thing too.” Just totally adorable. Thank you for posting that.


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