Sweaty Summer 2013 Organ Lessons

This summer I had two organ lessons. The first on June 29 and the other on August 31. Since I did not write a post already about the June lesson this post will summarize both.

The earlier lesson marked the first lesson where I did not sweat through my shirt. At previous lessons I felt nervous which for me leads to extra sweating. I felt more confident with the practicing I had done leading up to the lesson which resulted in less nervousness and therefore less sweating. I still had nervous sweating it just was not enough to go through my shirt. This felt like a minor accomplishment.

In the most recent lesson, it was hot in the balcony as the air conditioning was not running when we arrived. I felt more nervous than I should as it had been 2 months since my last lesson. I’d like to believe that the excessive sweating can be attributed to the temperature. However, the pipe organ revealed my uneasiness! For when I initially played, the sound which came forth did not sound relaxed or confident. If their had been an audience, they would have known something was off even if they could not articulate exactly what. Michael (my teacher) didn’t say anything but I am sure he noticed. I calmed down after a few minutes.

The lessons proceeded like most lessons and I continue to struggle with playing the rhythm correctly. I will conquer this issue eventually! Michael says that I need to become a better listener. Then I can identify the problem sections when I playback recordings of myself practicing. The ultimate goal is to correct the issues before going to a lesson.

I’ll end with a picture taken last Saturday at my lesson as I quite like how the summer sun is shining through the window.

Sun shines between pipes at Trinity Episcopal Church, Toledo, OH
Sun shines between pipes at Trinity Episcopal Church, Toledo, OH


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  1. I shouldn’t be laughing, but boy can I ever relate to the sweating story!!!! You always seem so laid back that I would never have thought that you sweat!!! haha I give you a ton of credit for continuing to pursue your dream and you’ll have to sweat a lot on your journey!!!!!


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