October 2016 Lesson – When persistence with experimentation is required

October 2016 Organ Lesson - persistence with experimentation

It’s been 2 weeks since my last organ lesson. The delay in writing this post is because the lesson was tough for me. I relapsed into old habits without realizing it.  However, Michael recognized my …

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July 2016 Organ Lesson: Developing better at home practice

On July 16, I had another lesson with Michael at his church. I had made some recordings the night before and knew that I was not as far as long as I had wanted to …

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June 2016 Lesson: Ending the insanity practice method

June 2016 Organ Lesson: ending the insanity

At the start of my organ lesson on June 11, I shared with Michael how depressed I felt after the previous lesson. That lesson felt like rock bottom. He asked “What did you do about …

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April 2016 Lesson: Still Struggling

April 2016 Lesson- Still Struggling

I am still struggling with syncopation. On April 30, I met Michael for another organ lesson. I haven’t played the organ since then. Tomorrow, I will get back on the bench. My expectations going into …

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How does that piece go again?

Kilala cat on the organ bench

At the end of last year, I discovered that I am not able to easily play most of the pieces I have learned. The revelation My brother’s family came for about 4 and a half …

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May 2015 Lesson – Home practice vs. performance

On May 16th, I met with Michael at his church for an organ lesson. We realized that I’m not always able to play at my lesson as well as I do at home. I started …

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October 2014 Organ Lesson: Correcting wrong practice

Last Saturday I met with Michael for an organ lesson. I would like to be able to say it was an epic lesson – a lesson where all pieces receive Michael’s approval. It had been …

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Heidi’s 5 made up rules for organ practice

Organ Practice

I have been practicing the organ for over four years at home. During this time I have developed some habits and made up rules. My made up rules do have to be logical to anyone …

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