5 reasons to listen to pipe organ music

Playing the pipe organ music has been called a lost art. Organists have been replaced in many churches by modern praise bands. However, the mighty Pipe Organ is still alive and there are thousands of organists. There are also young people that are earning degrees in pipe organ playing.

In a previous post I talked about giving organ music a chance. If you are a current reader of this blog, it is very likely that you already listen to or at least appreciate pipe organ music.

Do you know anyone that has judged the organ without having ever listened to its music?

Here are 5 reasons to listen to pipe organ music that you could share with friends to encourage them to try out pipe organ music:

Cat listens to organ1. You might like it!

If you have never experienced properly played organ music how can you say you don’t like it?

2. Appreciate the history of instrument.

Pipe organs have been around since the third century. I’d say organs have stood the test of time!

3. Be able to say that you’ve heard this instrument well played!

The organ may be the hardest instrument to play well. It takes tremendous coordination of hands of feet. Watch a video and appreciate the skill it takes! Also, keep in mind that the quality of the organist matters too. If I didn’t believe in quality I’d have a position at a church already.

4. There is a variety of genres to choose from.

Some associate the pipe organ only with church. Pipe organ music has more to offer than hymns! There are many other choices: classical, jazz, contemporary, transcriptions, movie music, theater (ex. Phantom Of the Opera), etc. You are likely to find something that you like!

5. It could change your life!

If you give pipe organ music a chance and seek out a genre you like, you may find yourself listening to more music, attending concerts and/or traditional church services. Your life changed forever because of pipe organ music.

Check out my resources page to learn where you can listen to pipe organ music for free!

P.S. It’s okay to like praise band music AND pipe organ music.

What reasons to listen to pipe organ could you add to this list?

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8 thoughts on “5 reasons to listen to pipe organ music”

  1. Pipe organ music penetrates my entire body, so there is one reason to listen to it….it penetrates your body. The first time I was introduced to the sounds of a pipe organ, I was a child. I would go to Milwaukee, WI in the summer and spend a couple of weeks or so with my aunt and she would buy me all of my new school clothes so that I would be “different”. Yes, she taught me to be different and not follow the crowd. She was a devout Christian and took me to church every Sunday at St. Martini’s on the south side. That is where I heard a pipe organ for the very first time and I was in total and complete awe at the sounds of it. The church was very large and that music filled every nook and cranny of that sanctuary. The reason I ended up wanting to go to church every Sunday when in Milwaukee was to hear that organ music again. Then, in the Ironwood Theater in Ironwood MI, there is a pipe organ and when I was a child a man would play that organ before the movie started and I would just love to hear him play. So, I think I have my stories mixed up, I first heard the pipe organ played in the Ironwood Theater, where that same organ has been refurbished and is still played to this very day. The theater no longer shows movies, which is a shame because it is just a beautiful building inside. Today, on occasion, they will have a pipe organ concert there. You should check that out, Heidi.

  2. When I was young, seems like a lot of music at the roller skating rink was organ music.
    Plus don’t they use some organ music at some hockey games? I agree you can like both praise music and organ music
    at same time. I know many hymns, some with the contempory twist to them. Old time hymns best with organ music.
    The Praise band can do the contempory ones. Many of the 30 and under group have no idea what hymns are. I know you still remember a few.

    • Hi Mom,

      Some hockey teams and baseball teams still play organ music! Some are using recording music but others still have live organists – Atlanta and Tampa are two baseball teams.

      I am over 30 so I know what hymns are! 🙂



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