Completing a goal

A year ago I set a goal to practice ten hours in a week. This week, for the first time ever, I am on track to reach this goal. I have failed at the same goal for more than 52 weeks in a row! I admit that most weeks I haven’t really tried after I realized it was more of a challenge than I anticipated.

It’s been over a year, why now? Why this week? 

Close up of Calendar showing practice times.
Close up of Calendar showing practice times.

I was able to practice for 5 hours between Saturday and Sunday giving me hope that I can actually do it. Part of completing a goal is actually believing that you can do it! I had felt discouraged initially when I didn’t reach the goal. For many weeks, I hoped to be at 10 hours by the end of the week, without planning for the time in advance. I said I would plan in advance but never followed through with the planning.

I also have an organ lesson coming up on Saturday. It’s been 9 weeks since my last lesson and I want to finish strong and play the best I can at my lesson. Prior to other lessons, the week leading up to my lesson did not contain much practicing which impacted my performance at the lesson.

What goals do you need to finish? The Time Management Ninja blog has great information and tips on completing goals. I recommend 10 Questions You Must Answer About Your Goals if you need some motivation to get started.

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Heidi Bender writes about her experiences of learning to play the organ. She started on the adventure in 2009.

She also writes on her website Tons of Thanks, which helps people write thank-you notes. Heidi is also a cat lady who writes at The Joy of Cats.

4 thoughts on “Completing a goal”

  1. I believe strongly that setting goals and using those questions are of great value. We all need a plan and then we need to work out plan.

    Way to go on your 10 hours!

  2. While having a goal of ten hours of practice a week is admirable, remember it’s the quality of time spent, not the quantity. Many times I find myself having to learn music very quickly so I have to make my time as efficient as possible. Don’t practice mistakes; always play perfectly. Try to make each repetition better than the time before.

    • Hi Katherine,

      Thank you for the advice. I remember reading in one of your blog posts, that if mistakes are being made the student is playing too quickly. I have been better lately about recording myself when practice and playing it back. Sometimes I think I am playing something perfectly but the recording reveals where I am really still struggling.


  3. Hi Heidi,

    I read each of the 10 goals listed. I have many goals but none are written down.
    Maybe that is the problem. Also I tend to let other let other people’s goals get moved to the
    head my list when it isn’t even my goal.


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